The Academy of Leadership Psychology
– Post – graduate Study

An original academic program, developed by a team of Values associates under the supervision of Jacek Santorski, carried out in the Business School of the WarsawTechnological University since 2010.

Being Yourself
– Being Somebody

Currently, there is a growing demand for authentic Leaders. To be yourself in the role of a Leader – “you need to be somebody”. The essence of the program is acquiring knowledge about models of authentic leadership and personal training in the field of becoming a natural authority.

Jacek Santorski (program director of the Academy), with a team of Partners of the Values Consulting Group, developed an approach of self-development of authentic Leaders acting in polish realities, on the basis of the Kaiser Leadership Solutions license for the Versatile Leadership™ model.

In the initial stage, the program focuses on development in the field of self-discovery and self-reflection, followed by activities associated with self-management and managing relations, and finally the building of team morale and implementing change on the basis of micro-corrections.

„Dobre Życie”,
 Jacek Santorski

For who?

People, who we invite to take part in the Academy are:

– managing company owners and top managers

– those passing over and taking over control in processes of succession (“family business on the couch”)

– specialists – owners of private workshops, private practices, law firms transforming into large companies

– creators of advanced start-ups and their managers

– leaders of all ages, who want to strengthen their natural authority in relations with employees of different generations (from Y/Z to 50+)

– experienced leaders who are „tired” or ready to make the next important step in self-development in the direction of authentic leadership, gaining a sense of purpose in their work and fulfillment in personal relations and good social contacts.

„Uważaj na swoją siłę”,
Bob Kaplan, Rob Kaiser



The program of the Academy was developed in a manner that allows to creatively find oneself and to have an impact in complex and uncertain business circumstances, globally and in the specifics of polish paradigm changes of organizations and leadership models – from closed, hierarchical ones, to those that are open, based on engagement, participation and common values. Over 500 graduates of the Academy speak also of important changes in their personal lives that accompanied the implementation of the business program.

„Język Liderów”,
Kevin Murray

Z Prądem i Pod Prąd”,
Jakub B. Bączek,
Jacek Santorski

and inspirations

During the seven weekend modules, through common seminars, lectures and intensive Training Laboratories in small groups, the participants of the Academy gain access to modern psychological knowledge, models of self-management and managing relations, Versatile Leadership™, learn to build the morale of teams and to implement simple changes in complex circumstances (micro-corrections – macro-effects). An important source of inspiration are models of communication and engagement through purpose and – derived form the experience of special forces – mission command.


Intensive Training Laboratories in small groups are enriched by inspirational panels and lectures, within which there is an opportunity to personally meet authorities of business, management and strategy, social psychology, economy, philosophy and medicine (form several academic centers: The Warsaw University, Warsaw Medical University, SWPS University and others). Among the prominent specialist are: prof. Krzysztof Obłój, prof. Andrzej Nowak, prof. Dominika Maison, prof. Rafał Ohme, dr hab. Ryszard Praszkier, dr Joanna Heidtman, dr hab. Sylwia Bedyńska, and experienced practitioners – Dariusz Duma, dr Michał Skalski, dr Andrzej Depko, Rafał Szczepanik, Wojciech Eichelberger, Zuzanna Skalska, and our special partner, psychologist and mountain-climber – Adam Bielecki.

“Metaskrypt Lidera”
Jacek Santorski