The program of the postgraduate study

Fridays 16:15-18:00  Q/A / inspirations with Jacek Santorski

Fridays 18:00-21:15  a solid dose of knowledge

Saturdays 9:00-17:30 training laboratories

Sundays 9:00-12:15  inspirational lectures

The dates of the sessions of the 10th. edition

1st SESSION: 22-24 November 2019

2nd SESSION: 6-8 December 2019

3rd SESSION: 10-12 January 2020

4th SESSION: 28 February – 1 march 2020

5th SESSION: 20-22 March 2020

6th SESSION: 24-26 April 2020

7th SESSION: 22-24 May 2020

Final session: 1st weekend of June 2020

Follow up: 19 September 2020 (saturday) 

Topics of the sessions:

Session I

The context of leaderhip

The role of the leader

Session II

Start with yourself – self-management

The leader on the “internal scene”

Session III

Managing relations

Good meetings and the standards of business conversations

Session IV

Effective communication

The art of constructive confrontation

Session V

The paradoxes and development of versatile leadership

Session VI

The leader’s sources of strength

Session VII

The leader’s personality

Fees and payments

The fee for participating in the 2019/2020 edition of the Academy of Leadership Psychology study is 20 000 PLN net (24  600 PLN gross).

There are two possibilities of paying the fee –  fully in advance, or in two installments

I installment – 10 000 PLN net (12 300 PLN gross): before the 3rd of November 2019

II installment – 10 000 PLN net (12 300 PLN gross): due before session nr IV (28.02.2020)

Bank transfer details

Grupa Firm Doradczych Sp. z o.o. Sp. Komandytowa

Adres: ul. Krucza 24/26, 00-526 Warszawa,
Bank: Santander Consumer Bank
Konto: 97 1090 1463 0000 0001 1420 0362